These Rain Cloud Lights are so beautiful! Create your own for less than fifty dollars!

Cloud light

A product which you will normally find for around 500 dollars. But if you have the patience, this is something you can create yourself for less than 50 dollars! A cool decoration for the room or for use with baby showers.

You will need the following in the process:

  • paper lanterns
  • batting
  • LED lights (if you want it to light up)
  • glue gun
  • glue sticks
  • fishing wire
  • wooden dowel
  • screw hooks

Start by gluing the batting on the lanterns. Make different sizes of lantarns. Around five is nice as illustrated in the images in this article.

Gluing the batting on the lantern

Fasten the wooden dowel to the ceiling using the screw hooks and fishing wire.

Wooden dowel

Tie each ball individually and form a cloud. Optionally but recommended, put some LED lights through the base. So it literally looks like it’s raining!

Cloud light Cloud light

The result is so beautiful!